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Would you like to create another QR code?

Qr Code Preview Image.
Create a dynamic QR code in minutes
Scanning QR using phone
1. Choose a destination.
Send people to your website, social media – you name it.
2. Personalize your design
Add one-of-a-kid details, like colors, icons and more.
3. Download your code
Your code is ready for use and saved to your Vista account. You can update the destination URL at any time.
Frequently asked questions
A “quick response” or “QR” code is a type of matrix bar code that a digital device can scan. Most smartphones can scan QR codes with the camera app.
Scanning the QR code should take your audience where you’d like them to go. This could be a website, social media account, online menu or event registration. Other uses for QR codes include collecting payment, sharing contact information and playing a sound clip or music.
Here’s where you can get creative. QR codes can go on lots of things your audience use or come across every day. Put one on business cards, leaflets, posters, coffee mugs or other promotional items.
You can create your custom QR code in seconds. Simply choose where you want to link your QR code and click Create. You can then customise the colour and shape of the QR code pattern. Plus, you can upload icons to appear in the centre of the QR code to really get your code looking exactly how you want.
Yes, the VistaPrint QR code generator is totally free.
No. QR Codes do not have a lifespan. A QR Code can be scanned any number of times and they do not expire.
Static QR Codes cannot be changed once they’ve been created and printed. If your link is broken, or you want to update the link, then you will have to create and print a new code. Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, are editable and can be edited in real-time. All VistaPrint QR codes are created dynamically.